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Trying for an HP Touchpad…

I noodled the idea of getting one of these beasts the first time HP had a “clearance” sale a few months ago but they were gone when I finally decided to get one. I have a couple of ideas for applications and thought I’d try my hand at programming for the WebOS platform. I spent time looking around for one but it seems the profiteers had beat me to them all. People were buying them up and turning them over for 100% profit on eBay. That was too rich for my blood and I shelved my idea.

Then HP announced they’d make a second and final run of these. It seems their decision to axe the platform greatly P.O.’d their strategic partners (suppliers), who’d invested a lot of money in making parts for the things. Aha! My second chance would arrive in the first part of November! I readied myself for the hunt…only to be disappointed again. This time HP’s retail partners decided to make some extra money. Most retailers like Best Buy, CompUSA and TigerDirect are either selling the tablets for double the sale price ($299) or selling them for the ‘real’ clearance price if you buy another HP computer or laptop at the same time. I call B.S. on this practice and hope it bombs. Who in their right mind would buy one of these for more than the original clearance price?

The problem for me is that I still have these app ideas I’d like to try. About a week ago I heard about a special HP program for WebOS developers…they were allowing people (and companies) who signed up for their developer program to buy up to two of the Touchpads for $149 each. Some undisclosed number of entities will be chosen to get “right to purchase” coupons that must be used by the end of November. I’ve signed up for the program (whose application deadline is 11/18) and am crossing my fingers. I want to make my apps available free, so some of the information requested on signup was off-putting (I suppose they assume only corporations who plan on making mucho bucks will apply). If I can get these, great–and if not, I suppose I’ll try developing my ideas for Android. We shall see…

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